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Artist of the Day July 28, 2016
Megga Mane - Duffle Bag

April 2 7th Indie Artist Of the Week 

BJ Cash The King -  " I Was " ** Shot By @True Dream Films Submitted DJ DTEC

The Next Faze............Pfaze1


In My time in the industry I have come across many different artists and often time I get emails wanting me to write about them and most of the time I say No, Sorry but that is just the truth. If I said yes to every artist that sent me inquiries I would go crazy. But when I took the time a...reead full article in Entertainment News

Bobby Shmruda Getting Released?

Looks like we may be going to get a new #shmruda dance Real Soon maybe even as soon as THURSDAY. His Legal# Team Has A Plan.
Shmurda's family has stepped forward to offer up collateral for his $2 million bond. Most notably, Bobby's aunt has put several properties on the line to help set the rapper free. We're told the family has been working closely with NY bondsman Ira Judelson. Let's hope for the best cause if you can remember last year Bobby was Bobby was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and other weapon and drug charges late last year, and has been sitting in jail since then.

Kat Stacks BGC16?

Yeap @queenkatstacksthe #QueenOfWSHH will be on #BGC16#badgirlsclub16 it's gonna be some juicy juicy stuff this season. Are you Ready I am.

Mariah Carey Hospitalized

Awwww lets send up a few words for Diva @mariahcareybecause right Mariah Carey is hooked up to IVs in a NYC hospital after falling severely ill early This morning 12/2/15. I was told
She started feeling bad after an appearance at Pier 1 in NYC on Tuesday evening. Hopefully she gets better soon.
I was told she's going to be fine, and could be released later today 10/2/15.

Bill Cosby will give a new deposition in the defamation case from Janice Dickinson

emotionsbyericaI know I know we are tired of these #BillCosby stories but hey what can I do it's what I do lol. Well anyway the story is that Bill Cosby will give a new deposition in the defamation case from Janice Dickinson over her allegations of sexual assault. You remember that back in Nov 2014
The former supermodel told Entertainment Tonight that the comedian drugged her into unconsciousness and raped her. Cosby's former attorney Martin Singer responded in a statement to the media calling Dickinson’s story “an outrageous defamatory lie" and "completely fabricated." So let's just sit back an listen to this story coming soon.

Sanaa Lathan is covering the latest edition of Kontrol magazine.

emotionsbyerica Sanaa Lathan is covering the latest edition of Kontrol magazine. The 43-year old actress is super hot right now, having scored a massive hit with her most recent film The Perfect Guy. Sanaa quickly followed up that success by landing two new roles, one in the Fox mini-series The Incident, and the other as the lead in the film adaptation of Omar Tyree’s book Flyy Girl.

Halle Berry Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Her Divorce Announcement.

emotionsbyericaHalle Berry Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Her Divorce Announcement. 🐸☕️🐸☕️🐸☕️ On Yesterday 11/2/15 Halle Berry attended Essence's Black Women of Bond Tribute at the California African American Museum in LA, looking gorgeous as always. The 49-year-old star walked the red carpet and posed for photos alongside fellow actress Naomie Harris. The event was organized in anticipation of the release of Spectre, which hits theaters on Nov. 6, and in conjunction with the African American Film Critics Association to honor all of the black actresses who have starred in the iconic James Bond franchise, including Halle and Naomie.

The fun outing comes during a pivotal time for Halle, who announced her divorce from her husband of two years, Olivier Martinez, just last Tuesday. In a joint statement to People, the couple asked for privacy while they continue to "go through this difficult period."

Malia Obama/Brown University

emotionsbyerica#MaliaObama SITED AT A#brownuniversity COLLEGE PARTY WHERE BEER PONG WAS BEING PLAYED. The Brown University student newspaper, told the Daily Herald that they are very sorry that Brown students shared photos of 17-year-old Malia Obama in the general vicinity of a pyramid of red Solo cups that may or may not have been used for beer pong (which the First Daughter may or may not have been playing). REALLY #ijs #info#iblog #igblogger #firstdaughter#presidentobama #maliobama #blog#blogger #media #mews#watchwhathappens #emotionsbyerica

Oprah Winfrey and Alleged Son, He's Still Empty

Hazels Nose Surgery From Accident or Not

emotionsbyericaAccident/surgery Who cares that Damn nose looks good as hell now lol @hazelebaby. Do you. people have surgeries all the time, all we can do is go by what you say although it 👀👀 looks like something else But again who cares that new 👃🏾 is hot. #ijs #info #iblog #igblogger#blog #blogger #entertainment #news#entertainment #watchwhathappens#emotionsbyerica

Amber Rose Relationship Goals

emotionsbyerica Is @amberroseinsinuating that Her RELATIONSHIP GOALS are to marry an Old Rich Man that is about to die? What kind of goal is this #SMH #ijs#info #iblog #igblogger #blog #blogger#media #slutshaming #news#entertainment #watchwhathappens#emotionsbyerica

Police Office Slams South Carolina Student

emotionsbyericaA video filmed inside a South Carolina high school classroom to me shows a police officer body slamming a black student seated at her desk. READ THE REST in Entertainment News.....

 #ijs #info#news #media #iblog #igblogger #blog#blogger #school #studentslamed#watchwhathappens #allLivesmatter#blacklivesmatter #emotionsbyerica

emotionsbyericaSnoop Dogg’s Son, Cordell Broadus, Reveals The Real Reason Why He Quit Football. Please read very touching. #happybirthdayagain@snoopdogg great words @cbroadus #ijs#info #igblogger #iblog #media #news#rap #hiphop #football #entertainment#watchwhathappens #emotionsbyerica
emotionsbyericaKhloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have reportedly decided to call off their divorce.

A spokesperson for the two reports that Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wasser went before a judge This morning 19/21/15 to ask that the divorce papers that were submitted by the couple back in July be withdrawn. The papers had not yet been processed, and the judge reportedly granted the request. #ijs #watchwhathappens #info#iblog #igblogger #blog #blogger #media#kardashian #odom #noDivorce#emotionsbyerica
emotionsbyerica🚨News Alert Messy Messy🚨 Master P’s Estranged Wife Sues Her Son Romeo In Messy Divorce. Who sues there own son MRS P that's Who. Wow I've never hear of nothing like this apparently Miller just sued her son Romeo, claiming that he is working with his father to hide assets from the courts, making it seem like her estranged husband has less money than he says he does. She is currently seeking $67 million in their divorce. #ijs#news #info #suesSon #media #hiphop#family #blog #iblog #igblogger #blogger#watchwhathappens #emotionsbyerica
emotionsbyerica🚨News Alert🚨 #salute to@yg making #tattooMoves Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane aren’t the only one getting head tattoos. YG has joined the club by adding some new ink to the top of his dome. The tat shows the Virgin Mary with a passage from the Bible: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” #ijs What do You Think. #I love it but it looks like it hurt. #news #hiphop #music #info #iblog#igblogger #blogger #media#watchwhathappens #emotionsbyerica

!!NEW Artist Alert!!

emotionsbyerica🚨New Artist/Music Alert🚨. #Salute to @yungdouble ​“It’s the same old struggle trying to get money, so when you get money, ain’t shit funny” words that Marcus “Yung Double” Crooms lives by. What happens when the tribulations of life seem to dictate and conquer your triumphs? There’s only so much that a person can take before they’re overwhelmed with turmoil and long for the desire to have peace and tranquility. It is at this crossroads where there are only two ways to go: one way leads to failure and one way to success. However, no matter which route you choose, there will always be many lessons to learn. For Marcus, while on the road to failure, he found a shortcut to those successes.
The streets can teach hard lessons and don’t favor anyone. Marcus quickly learned this, and as a result prison was like his second home. Being raised solely by his mother, it was difficult for him to decipher his rights from his wrongs – it left the feeling of emptiness that could only be filled with fast money. This yearning quickly began the destruction of his integrity. After going to prison three times, he decided to be more contructive and turned to his love for music.
“My kids, my family’s future, my friends and my city motivate me to record music” he admits. Since his declaration, he hasn’t turned back since and this is where “Yung Double” was birthed.
You can get a clear depiction of Yung Double’s real-life “tales from the hood” through his music. He’s seen and adapted to the events of the hood – not the much popularized facade give in today’s music. His determination to not become a statistic gave him favor and he was able to open for a few of today’s most prominent hip hop artists. His newly released single, “Scale” off his album Bout that Life featuring Gucci Mane has the streets on blaze! With having the short-term goal of obtaining a record deal, at the pace he’s going, he’ll reach his long-term goal of having multi-platinum selling artists on his own independent label.
Life has a funny way of taking us through hell to lead us to something greater. Our troubles, faults and mishaps are stepping stones toward our pathway to success. Yung Double is determined to have those successes. It’s not a matter of “if” he will be successful, but “when”. How much success will he have? Only time will tell…

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